CSERIESBELLOWSSEALVALVE - C Series Cryogenic Bellows Seal Globe Valve

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Available in sizes 1/2" - 2"



  • Dixon Eagle® has over 25 years experience with manufacturing cryogenic valves for high purity systems.
  • For use in cryogenic (to -325°F) applications where leakage into or out of the valve is unacceptable.

Available Options

  • Versatile seating arrangements, both hardfaced and soft, are available
  • Available in butt weld, flanged, socket weld, threaded and tube end configurations
  • Fully actuated valves available upon request, contact Dixon Eagle for details.
  • Sizes 3" - 6" are also available


  • Three stem seals for safety: metallic bellows, graphite packing, backseat in open position
  • Purge ports on bonnet eliminate icing inside the bellows
  • Bolted bonnet


  • Inconel™ bellows provides longer life and maximum corrosion resistance
  • Zero stem leakage eliminates media loss and satisfies environmental regulations


  • Stellite™ is a registered trademark of Thermadyne.
  • Inconel™ is a trademark of Huntington Alloys, inc.

Safety Notes

  • Dixon Eagle® valves are designed to work safely for their intended use. Failure to know and understand the intended use or to consider the size, temperature, application, media, pressure and manufacturers recommendations when selecting the proper valve assembly components can result in accidents and injuries, including death and serious and permanent injuries.
  • Dixon recommends that all valve assemblies be tested in accordance with ASME and API recommendations and be inspected regularly to ensure that their use remains appropriate and that they are not damaged.
  • At no charge, Dixon is available to consult, train and recommend the proper selection and application of all valves we sell. We strongly recommend that distributers and end users make use of Dixon's Testing and Recommendation Services. Call 800.355.1991 to learn more.


  • ANSI Class 150-800 available
  • Vacuum helix leak tested with mass spectrometer
  • 5-year bellow warranty
  • Assembled and tested in a US ISO 9001:2015 certified facility


Our bellows technology keeps corrosive or harmful atmospheric conditions from entering the process.

WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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