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102-Series XL Male Inserts
Dixon’s new 102-series XL male inserts are designed for industrial air and non-potable water service. The extra long shank provides additional barbs for better clamping service and allows for two clamps to be installed. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.
Product cross reference tool
Did you know Dixon's interactive product cross-reference tool is available online in the Knowledge Center? Type a part number and click search to cross-reference it with the Dixon product line.
crimp fuel couplings
Used as an assembly on fuel oil delivery hoses, Dixon’s new Crimp Fuel Oil Couplings use the same ferrules for crimping as for internal expansion. Assembly time is fast and does not require the tooling typically used for internal expansion.
Venting EZ Boss-Lock
Dixon’s new Venting EZ Boss-Lock is used in the transfer of fluids and solids. In the event of an accidental disconnection under pressure, the venting feature retains the coupling and allows the stored pressure to vent off safely.
Dixon Quick Coupling and Dixon Sanitary catalogs
Find The Right Connection® for your application with Dixon’s new quick coupling catalog and hygienic fittings catalog. Quality products from a partner you can trust.
Dual fuel product group
From diesel fueling products to natural gas couplings, Dixon offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs. Dixon’s dual fuel product offerings include Dixon MannTek Dry Gas Couplers, Dixon MannTek Dry Gas Adapters, CNG-Series Quick Disconnects, and more.
Storz live swivel adapter announcement
Dixon’s new Storz Live Swivel adapter is made of anodized aluminum and features a continuous swivel. The adapter is designed for fluid transfer applications outside of petroleum or corrosive fluids.
RIchmond Industries
The Dixon Group, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of North American manufacturer Richmond Foundry, LLC, formerly Richmond Industries, Inc., to its family of companies.   Located in Dayton, New Jersey, Richmond is a 40,000-square-foot foundry that produces high-quality brass and bronze sand castings. With over 50 years of experience in metal casting, the company serves the fire suppression, military and marine support, and mechanical and electrical industries.  
King crimp products
If there’s one potential mishap on your work site or plant that’s particularly damaging--but easy to avoid--it’s an improperly crimped hose. Ensuring a properly coupled hose assembly is critical to providing an effective fluid handling solution. Making an error measuring hose dimensions or incorrectly choosing the ferrule or sleeve will result in lost time and money. Worst-case scenarios result in injury to workers or environmental damage when a hose assembly fails as a result of being incorrectly crimped.
Dixons Value Prop
There is a sign hanging at my local barbershop. It reads, "We give three kinds of haircuts here: good, fast, and cheap. If it is fast and cheap, it won’t be good. If it is good and cheap, it won’t be fast. And if it is good and fast, it won’t be cheap." Read more in our latest blog post.