Triplex and Quintuplex Manifolds
Case Study
Why Use Dixon Triplex and Quintuplex Manifolds on HHP Hydraulic Fracturing Pumps?
End-User Feedback
  • Well service company maintenance personnel state that carbon steel manifolds are working okay. Leaks along the weld seams are a regular nuisance, and repair consists of re-welding and/or use of rubber washers with screws.
  • Sand dropout causing flow restrictions is common, and some manifold designs last longer than others. End-users reported that 600-800 hours in service is considered a very good performance.
  • Lab tests and field trials were recommended per the following application parameters:
    • Low temperature with CO2 at -30°F
    • ASTM spec calls for -62°F
    • The maximum working pressure is 350 PSIG, and test pressure should be 11/2 times working pressure or 525 PSIG
    • Acidizing well treatments use Hydrochloric (HCL) and Hydrofluoric (HFL) acids in (concentrations ranging from 15-28%

Failed Fluid End
A failed FE with attached 5-port suction manifold.


Fluid End Packed with Sand
Inside suction manifold is a failing weld, and is packed with sand.

  • The Fluid End (FE) is a main consumable of the High Horsepower (HHP) pump used in hydraulic fracturing operations.
  • Current life span of a FE ranges from 200 to 1,400 hours.
  • Fundamental root causes of FE failure:
    • Cracking of the cross bores
    • Cracking of the valve seat deck
    • Corrosion pitting
    • Cavitation, pump damage due to flow restrictions
  • End-user cost for 3-Port FE on a HHP pump ranges from $25K to $60K, and the price is dependent on the brand and/or the material of the FE.
  • End-user cost for the 5-port FE on an HHP pump ranges from $55K to $130K, and the price is dependent on the brand and/or material of the FE.

Dixon Solution

The focus was to eliminate flow restrictions and welds when designing intake manifolds. Combine iron manufacturing technology with flow geometry to eliminate welds (7-18 seams). Minimize sand dropout existing in the suction manifolds used today. Include user-friendly inspection ports.

  • Designed and patented 3-port and 5-port intake manifolds for HHP pumps.
  • Lab tests completed for pressure (350 PSI) and cold (-62°F).
  • All new manifold assemblies are pressure tested to 700 PSIG.
  • Lab test are available by contacting [email protected].