2 piece repair nuts

Case Study

Why Use a Dixon 2-Piece Repair Nut Over a 1-Piece Nut?

  • The 2-piece nut costs 70% more than a 1-piece standard nut.
  • The 2-piece nut takes 1/4 of the time to install versus 1-piece nut.
  • Labor costs $90 to replace the 1-piece nut, based on 1 hour at $90/hour
    • Use a cutting torch to remove the male hammer union connection, replace the nut, and weld hammer union connection to the assembly
  • Labor costs $23 to install a 2-piece nut, based on 1/4 hour at $90 hour
    • Use a cutting torch to remove the 1-piece nut, attach the 2-piece nut, and weld seams for security

Dixon Solution
  • Based on the math, the total cost savings by installing a Dixon 2-piece repair rather than installing a 1-piece nut is $27.
  • That’s a 23% savings, not including the labor productivity gained to perform other critical tasks.
  • And, if the equipment has a failed nut, and is on an active hydraulic fracturing worksite, the dollars saved for uptime rather than downtime can be significant!

Flange x Male Hammer Union



 $97.00 = price of 2-piece repair nut

+ 23.00

$120.00 Total Cost


 $57.00 = price of 1-piece repair nut

+ 90.00 = labor cost to install 1-piece nut

$147.00 Total Cost



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