A540CSB0251 - Ground Clamp and Junction Box

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7 lb
Break Quantity
Optional Package/Box Quantity
Temperature Range
-40°F to 194°F (-40°C to 90°C)



  • Tank truck and railcar loading facilities
  • Drum and barrel filling sites
  • Loading of stationary tanks


  • Clamp is tethered to the cable by a stainless steel strap that protects the connection from strain and wear
  • Pull-out resistant cord grip on junction box holds cable tighter the harder it is pulled
  • Junction box creates convenient service point for hazardous location installations
  • Coiled cable provides compact storage
  • Strong clamping force penetrates grime and remains connected during loading process
  • Provides ground and a ground-verification signal in a single clamp


Installation must be completed by a qualified professional. A540-Series ground clamps are suitable for installation and use in ordinary and specific hazardous locations as defined by NEC NFPA70 and IECEx standard 60079.


Includes high-durability cable and junction box

Safety Notes

  • 1. Verify process controller is powered on and idle.
  • 2. Test the controller’s operation by clamping to a known grounded piece of metal. Verify the controller’s indicator changes from RED to GREEN. Remove the clamp from the test point.
  • 3. Before any other electrical connections are made, secure the A540 clamp to the process connection that is to be loaded.
  • 4. Verify the process controller’s indicator changes from RED to GREEN.
  • 5. Complete any other process connections.
  • 6. Once all other safety measures are active, begin the loading process.
  • 7. Once loading is complete, remove all other process connections, then the A540 last.
  • 8. Return the A540 clamp to the isolated storage facility, verifying the indicator remains red


  • Ingress protection: weatherproof, raintight, and dust tight
  • Conduit entries: one 3/4” trade size hole and a factory-installed cable on the bottom
  • Suitable for installation in hazardous locations: Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups B, C, and D hazardous locations, Class II, Division 1 & 2, Groups E, F, and G hazardous locations and Class III hazardous locations
  • Suitable for connection to hazardous locations: Class I, Division 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous locations and Class I, Zone 0, 1 & 2, Groups IIC, IIB, and IIA hazardous locations
  • Recommended wire between controller and the clamp: 18 GA stranded copper wire (THHN)
  • Extended working length of cable: 30 feet
WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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