Temperature De-rating Chart

When using the STAMPED acronym when specifying or building a hose, the effect of temperature on the rated hose assembly can often be confusing to calculate. The purpose of this chart is to show the effect that increasing the temperature on an assembly has on the overall assembly’s rating. Most published working pressure ratings are established using a baseline of ambient temperature, generally referred to as 70°F (21°C). The chart tabulates many hours of testing across a number of different hose types. If you have specific questions about a different size, a certain brand of hose, or other STAMPED related questions, please consult Dixon for a coupling recommendation.


The pressure and temperature recommendations on this site are only a guide and only apply to Dixon’s King Crimp system. Failure to use Dixon components and proper coupling techniques may results in product failure, serious injury, invalidation of the specified working pressure or failure of the finished assembly to perform as intended.


The recommendations on this site are for crimping Dixon's King Crimp couplings to hose with a rubber cover with most hose tube materials. For alternative coupling recommendations or attachment methods for hoses having an unconventional tube or liner (PTFE, urethane, etc.) or for rubber hose having a very thin wall contact Dixon's Engineering staff at 800.355.1991 or send an email to [email protected].


Hoses react differently to heat because there are variances in hose constructions. Some variables include textile braid vs. wire braid, hardwall vs. softwall, presence or lack of helical wire as well as differences in types of hose covers and tubes. These variables vary from one hose manufacturer to the next, as a result, we recommend maintaining accurate records for each King Crimp coupling application. Every length of hose, after assembly, should be tested. Testing should be done in accordance with the Association of Rubber Products Manufacturers.


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